One of the sisters wrote a book, titled Echoes (The Pria Chronicles) and it meant and means  the world to her. When they were looking for a name for a immature polish hobby,  it seemed suitable a name since all of the original glitter polishes made were named after characters or creatures in her books. Then the other sister said,  “Let’s share our polishes. Let’s make them together and sell them. Maybe other people like polish too.”  A statement so small but so hilariously naive because people love, love, love polish,  right?   Can’t get enough.

So that was the moment for two sisters who never even wore polish,  to become even closer, to build a business that was originally built out of love for a set of characters in a Quadrilogy which led to sisters who can’t leave the house without wearing the wonderful colours. They’ve never been closer. They feel blessed. They feel blessed for having each other and for having this hobby to bring them closer still. They built this business to have something in common and something to continue to build a relationship of creativity.  Who would of thought!  After 1000 or so polishes made,  here it was. A company like no other. And they are pleased to share it with you.

You can now purchase the entire Pria Chronicles series on Amazon! This was originally called the Echoes series, but after some research, we found there was already many books with this name.