The Pria Chronicles

Shannon Rieger is a fiction writer for the Young Adult genre and has completed a series of novels called The Pria Chronicles. She has a significant background in teaching at the secondary school level and uses these experiences to present a seamless, genuine world of conflict for teenagers as a backdrop to the story, while adding the infiltration of creatures from another dimension. Teaching at this level has given her the unique opportunity to create believable characters who think and respond to conflicts like a teen, as well as, an opportunity to include what appeals to them: powers, magic and a hint of dark conflict.

Shannon was born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Her parents ran programs for at-risk teenagers, and often had a few living in their home over periods of time. She learned patience and empathy, while finding a way to escape the madness by writing fiction, even at a young age. She has written all her life, creating worlds and creatures, placing them carefully into stories using her active imagination as the key to survival.

She and her husband are high school sweethearts, had children in their late twenties, and live simply while sharing their love for writing fiction, the love for words and humour, and even their children, although obnoxiously lovely, find time to throw a few words on paper, building stories like their parents.

Shannon’s best friend is her sister and they find the time to spend with one another by running a polish business named after her first book, Echoes. Echoes Polish gives Shannon another outlet for creativity and the escape from the everyday life.

Shannon’s dream is to share her series of novels with the world. What a fun place that would be!