Not everyone is a fan of long nails. A lot of women likes to keep their nails short because it is more practical and easier to maintain. If you are one of those who loves keeping their nails short but at a lost on how to style them, then this article will be your savior. No matter the size of your canvas which in this case is your nail, you can still create stunning art using only your patience and creativity and of course, a good set of nail supplies and a good nail dipping powder like SNS dip powder.

But even if you have short nails, you also need to give them the same attention a long nail deserves. So here are some basic steps to take care of your short nails.

  1. Take care of your cuticles

Your cuticle will make or break your manicure’s appearance. The better your cuticle look, the better your manicure will also look. Soaking your cuticles in cuticle oil before pushing them back with a cuticle pusher will give you more surface to work with and also make your nails look longer.


Let Your Nails Stand Out With 3D Flowers, Strokes and Crystal Designs and Ombre

Ladies, are you looking for manicure designs that will make your nails stand out? There is a new way to glamorize your nails and that is through the 3D nail art trend. This trend takes the regular manicure to a whole new level by using gems, rhinestones, flowers and other fun ornaments that instantly jazz up the look. The nail art is usually created using nail acrylics but if you want to enjoy your nail art for a longer period of time, then using a nail dipping powder is the best way to go. Your nails can last 3x longer than if you use the traditional gel and acrylic polish. Here is a compilation of the chicest designs that you can recreate.

Nails 3D Flowers

1. Ombre toned 3D Nail Art

To recreate this elusive look, you will need a dual toned basecoat and some jewels. If you are looking for sophisticated nails idea, you must try this look. It is up to you how you want to decorate your nails but when putting jewels in your nails, it would be best if you start with the bigger ones.


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