Excellent LDS Dipping Powder Glitter Ideas to Spruce up Your Manicure

William Shakespeare had said “All that Glitters is Not Gold” in his famous play, The Merchant of Venice. That statement is proved true with glitter powder dip nails because it adds the oomph factor to your manicure and makes your nails glisten at the dance ball.

The fascinating feature of glitter polish is that it offers endless possibilities. For example, you can have the gold glitter powder on your French manicure to give it a new twist. Besides, the deep red glitter LDS dipping powder allows you to match shades to get the sparkling ombre look to suit almost all occasions. For example, the silvery glitter can match the diamond ring your fiancé has presented you on your engagement.

While these ideas are for starters, you have hundreds of options when it comes to adding glitter to your manicure. So, let us discuss some exciting dip powder glitter ideas to spruce up your manicure.

The LDS Sparkle Collection

The LDS Sparkle collection comprises seven glittering options to make your 3D nail art, Tie Dye, or Ombre application a perfect manicure. These fine, pigmented powders display excellent color consistency, chip resistance, gel-like glistening appearance, easy application, and long-lasting.

LDS D159 – Like No Other

The LDS D159 is an earthy mix of exciting colors that can add sparkle to your Easter celebrations. The exciting aspect is that this color looks great on its own. Besides, it combines well with other colors to deliver the perfect Ombre look to your dipping nail powder. As a result, this gorgeous color maintains its reputation of being the dipper’s favorite.

LDS D160 Kill Them With Kindness

This LDS glitter powder is available with a purple shade that should prove perfect to have in the spring months. The light violet shades gel beautifully with the blooming flowers. If you are looking to seduce your loved one, the LDS D160 should be the ideal choice. It can match your seducing velvet gown as you dance your blues away with your fiancé and ensure that all eyes on the dance floor rivet towards you and make you the center of attraction.

LDS D161 – Life is Lit

If you plan a vacation on the beach, the LDS D161 should be an excellent option. The blue glitter can look great and match the blue color of the sea. The gel-like shine appearance makes this color a fantastic choice to go with your sky blue dress as you go on a dinner date with your fiancé. Besides, this LDS dipping powder glitter lasts comfortably for more than three to four weeks. This maintenance-free nail manicure is the favorite of women globally.

LDS D162 – Champagne

The LDS D162 Champagne Gold glitter is the one you should be looking for to have on your wedding day. The glistening gold color matches your jewelry and the occasion to set you apart from the crowd. One of the plus points of this shade is its chip resistance which adds strength to your nails.

LDS D163 – A Thousand Kisses

The red color has its unique charm because it can spruce up any nail design and add to your attraction quotient. The glistening marble-like finish enhances the romantic quotient and takes it to a different level. In addition, you can have a matching lipstick color to suit the shade’s name. This LDS dipping powder shade should adorn every woman’s cosmetic collection.

LDS D164 – We Could Runaway

If you ever plan to elope with your lover into Paradise, it would be great to have the LDS D164 shade on your nails. This beautiful violet color suits your intentions and makes you look like the perfect runaway bride. The best feature of this glittering shade is its color consistency. Besides, these shades are easy to apply and remove. The darker hue makes it different from the LDS D160 LDS Sparkle Collection. This shade ranks as a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

LDS D165 – Silver Fog

The LDS D165 Silver Fog is the favorite of women worldwide because of its silvery hue that matches almost all skin tones. Brides love this color as it fits their diamond ring and wedding attire. This thoroughly formulated product provides the perfect reflection of your multi-faceted personality.

Thus, the LDS Sparkle collection should be an indispensable component of every woman’s cosmetic makeup attire.

Final Thoughts

LDS has always been at the forefront in introducing exciting color shades enabling women to have their favorite dipping powder nails manicures. The LDS Sparkle collection with seven color options is available on our website at reasonable rates. Besides, consumers get exciting discounts if they order the entire package. However, one can purchase these beautiful shades individually, as well. Therefore, it makes sense to have these glittering options in your repertoire and enhance your overall personality to become the center of attraction wherever you go.