Five Mistakes to Avoid When Having a Gel Manicure

Every woman desires to have the best possible gel manicure to look at her best. So, a nail salon is the right option to get beautiful gel nails. But, do you know you can have a high-quality and durable gel manicure at home using the best DIY kits? Of course, the best aspect of these cosmetic products is their ease of use. But, you should avoid these five common gel manicure mistakes. It can help you get your dream gel manicure.

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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Going for the Best Gel Manicure

Forgetting to shake the gel polish bottle before use

Gel polish has unique formulae that require proper mixing of the ingredients before you start the manicure. In addition, the nail polish can become uneven if you keep the polish unused for long durations because the heavier components settle to the bottom. As a result, the top layer dilutes and does not spread well on your nail. So, the ideal solution is to shake the gel polish bottle vigorously before applying it. You get mechanical shakers that can do a perfect job. Once you shake the bottle well, the ingredients integrate beautifully and ensure an even application. However, the shaking procedure is not required for basecoat and top coat applications.

Applying thick layers of gel polish

The beauty of a gel polish manicure is that it looks excellent with thin layers. It applies to the base coat, the gel color, and the topcoat applications. A thicker basecoat application can lead to concentration on a specific area of your nail that can look ugly. Also, it seems noticeable if you keep on adding other layers on top of them. So, the right way to go about it is to have thin layers of polish. Curing each layer under the UV lamp is critical before moving on to the next layer. It also prevents air bubbles on your nails that can look uneven. Finally, it can result in the lifting of the nail polish layer and damage the manicure.

Applying long strokes rather than short swipes

Many people make the mistake of applying gel polish in long strokes. As a result, they lose control of the consistency leading to an ungainly-looking finish. Long strokes can cause undue concentration of nail polish on specific areas and make the nail surface look uneven. It can also weaken the manicure and wear out quickly because it does not stick well to the nail surface. The best solution is to go for short strokes that make your manicure look beautiful. You can also avoid the polish getting into your cuticles. Besides, it becomes easy during the nail polish removal process.

Overlooking the importance of capping the edges

Generally, gel polish layers snap the edges and start lifting. It damages the manicure and allows water accumulation in the gaps leading to infections. So, capping the nail edges is the right solution. The process is easy because it involves applying an additional layer at the nail edge. It allows the gel polish to adhere to the nail surface and prevents the layers from lifting. Besides, a capped edge does not chip or peel off easily. Thus, you have a long-lasting and durable manicure. However, please note to cap the edge with each layer, including the basecoat, gel polish, and top coat.

Allowing gel polish to dry on your skin

Everyone knows that curing each layer of the gel polish manicure under the UV lamp is essential for a high-quality manicure. The curing process hardens the gel polish and ensures it sticks to the nail perfectly. But, the gel polish can sometimes spill over to your skin. If you cure the gel polish without removing the stains from the skin, it can result in the hardening of the polish, making it challenging to wipe off the paint. So, the solution is to dip a cotton swab in acetone and remove the gel polish that accidentally spills over the skin surface.

Final Words

A perfectly-done gel manicure enhances your overall attraction quotient by several notches and makes you look gorgeous. The most exciting feature of gel manicures is that you can conveniently have them at home. But, we advise against committing the mistakes discussed here because they can affect your manicure adversely. So, have a perfect gel manicure with Kiara Sky gel nail polish and look at your attractive best.