Popular DND Nail Colors You Should Try Today

We all have personal fashion preferences and how we love to look when we step out in our flamboyant attire. Ladies love to look sassy and classy; some love to draw all attention to them, while others want a reserved entry. Whatever your preference, you will love a nail polish that grace your occasion DND nails are your perfect companion.

The wholesale DND gel polish comes in lots of colors and styles for you to choose your ideal nail polish.

There are lots of times you won’t feel like using the same color every time you decide to go for a manicure; however, there are other options. Why not choose some of the popular nail colors available to ease your stress. In this article, we have researched some of the popular nail DND nail colors, we have tried some of them out, and we can say that they are cool. Read on to try some out yourself and recommend it for others.

Top DND nail colors

Detroit: Denim Blues

This is a unique nail polish color, and those that love the blue color on their nails will cherish this beautiful color. It not only has a blue color, but it also has a shade of purple to add a royal touch to your beautiful nails. Denim blue is a trendier shade that has gained popularity over the year. Users can also use the nail color with other styles to add extra glitz and effect to the nails.

Los Angeles: Cherry Red

The name mentions Los Angeles, but that is not the only place to find this beautiful DND gel polish wholesale. You will find it in any store selling quality and trendy DND nail polish color. Cherry red is a color that has been consistent over the years, and lots of nail polish colors love to adorn their nails with this attractive color.

San Francisco: Iridescent Shades

If you want to feel special without being so flashy or flamboyant, you can consider the iridescent shade, which will help you achieve your specific beauty aim. You may have tried nude colors over time, but it is time to make a change. Try out the gorgeously looking iridescent shades such as that of emerald green. You will feel how cool it stays on your skin tone and how it compliments your chosen outfit.

Austin: Pearly Nails

You may have used cherry red as part of your nail color combination, as we mentioned previously. Classic colors like the thin brush, cherry reds, and so spot on, but you may desire something extra. The pearly nail color is a perfect example of how beautiful your nails can be with the right color and application.

Boston: Metallic Mauve

Research shows that Boston’s residents are very modest when it comes to caring for their nails. Boston residents often prefer their nails to take on a conservative look and feel. However, this doesn’t stop them from purchasing the best and stylish nail polish. Boston residents love the metallic mauve color as it reflects in their preference for metallic and mauve.

Chicago: Classic Blush

Chicago women love nail art as they see it as a fun time to showcase their gorgeously looking nails to their friends and partners. The classic blush is another shade of the nude, and anyone tired of using nude on nails can also try out this gorgeously look classic brush. Those looking for a neutral color to serve as the base for other nail art and design should try out the classic blush DND nail art. 

Las Vegas: Baby Pink

Baby pink is always radiant on nails, and you should try out a baby pink color on your nail to feel this color design. Lovers of bright colors will find the baby pink as solace, and it will top the list of nail DND nail colors to try out this year. Baby pink is one of the most sought-after nail polish in the market, and I believe you will get yours too after reading this article. 

New York City (NYC): Quirky Neutrals

Do you intend to go for a neutral type of DND gel polish colors due to your reserved style, and you dont know the best to choose? We have got you covered. Here is our quicky neutral blend of forest green to give your nails a unique look and feel. The quirky neutral is a popular nail color for this winter, be a part of this unique nail color collection. We refer t it as the nail art infused into a bottle.


Your DND nail polish choice gets more comfortable by the day as we have listed a few of the best colors to use for your nails. Don’t just read; ensure you also try out a few of the nail colors listed in this article. We aim to make you look radiant and beautiful!