Essential Tips to Know about the OPI Gelcolor

OPI means Odontorium Products Inc., and they manufacture some of the best nail care products. OPI gained more popularity because of its fantastic Gel colors.

Many women find it hard to choose a particular system for their manicure, but many still settle for OPI colors because of their advantages. Gel colors are also called soak-off gel lacquer. Gel manicure uses a system that gives a more shiny and glossier result.

Gel colors have some clauses attributed to their success. For instance, gel colors must be correctly applied to bring out the desired result and last long. And that is why it is best to have a professional nail technician to help with gel manicures. Before you decide to buy OPI gel, read this article to learn more about OPI gel colors.

Things to Know about Gel Colors

The gel color is a rising fashion trend, and it has brought about differences of opinions among different customers. Some of the views most people have about gel colors are not true or true. I’ll be mentioning some of the views and state the correct ones and the wrong ones.

One famous opinion people have about gel colors is that you need to use the proper removal method to avoid adverse effects on your nails. This opinion is a valid opinion for all nail care products, including regular polishes. You should always follow the correct procedures when removing your gel manicures. The proper process only takes about 10 minutes to remove the gel manicure.

Another opinion that most people have believed is that LED lights are harmful. This opinion is entirely wrong because LED lights are invented to replace UV lights that are harmful. Gel manicures do need UV light or LED lights to cure, although it is not all gel manicures that require it. LED lights are a development to replace the harmful UV lights, which means that LED lights are not dangerous.

Also, people believe that gel manicures do not support nail arts, and that is entirely wrong. Many regular gel manicure customers can’t always resist the urge to complete their manicures with beautiful nail arts. Nail arts are done on gel manicures; it’s just that you might need it to be done by a professional. Some unique gel colors are specially designed to enhance nail arts. Experienced nail technicians use a flash curing”; it is an effective method that professionals master. The technique would hold the nail still in one position while the nail art is done.

Other features and advantages of gel colors are:

  1. Gel colors are lighter on the nails than regular polishes. 
  2. Gel colors are easy to remove with the soak-off removal system.
  3. Gel colors do not harm the nail bed; instead, they give 60%more strength to the nail beds. 
  4. Gel colors last as long as three weeks on the nails without chipping off or fading. 
  5. Gel colors are also finished faster because it does not dry; gel colors use a method called curing under a LED light. And it takes less than a minute to cure gel manicures under LED lights. 

Types of OPI Gel Colors

OPI gel colors are a popular choice for nails because of their versatility and durability. OPI gel polish color can last up to 3 weeks on the nails without chipping or cracking, making it much longer than traditional nail polishes. The most important thing to remember when applying these products is that they should be applied in thin coats so that they don’t get too thick and difficult to remove later on down the line. There are plenty of different OPI gel colors available but some favorites include: A Good Man-darin Is Hard To Find, and Strawberry Margarita.

A Good Man-darin Is Hard To Find

A Good Man-darin Is Hard To Find is a light pink with shimmery gold flecks and makes your nails stand out when you wear it on top of other nail polish or just by itself!

Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry Margarita is the perfect color for light or dark skin. It can turn any outfit from drab to fab with its bright, happy pink hue! If you want a change but don’t know where to start; this could be just what your nails need.


From this article, it is imperative to say that OPI manufactures some of the best gel colors. Gel colors usually need topcoats and base coats to make them more efficient. Also, in the article, you’ll learn the best way and the valuable tips to apply gel colors. Try out different buy OPI gel colors products and get the advantages of a gel manicure.